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James Taylor - You've Got A Friend

Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People

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Pointer Sisters - We Are Family

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Dionne Warwick & Friends - That's What Friends Are For

Wishing you a Very, Very Happy Anniversary Campfire.

I suppose if it's your anniversary then it's mine and everyone else's also. After all WE are Campfire. Without us spade playin, fun lovin, laffin, jokin, *OK, OK, cussin, whinin, great people... there wouldn't be a campfire to be celebrating the anniversary of. I for one, have been here for a long time. Maybe not from the very start but early on. I remember how I first arrived here. I was in a rated game. People cussin and carrying on. *the usual*. Someone that I was partnering with said "Try Campfire Ladders hun. It's sooo nice there." WOW, nice to have people talk about Ladders like that huh? umm, about Campfire? Or is that about us again? hmm...Guess my point is that it's all you wonderful, fun loving, giving, sharing members that make Campfire the place to be.

Thank you so much Campfire Administration, for handling us when we gets a bit rowdy. Thank you for keeping us safe from the bullies. Thank you for fixin our boo boos. Thank you for all the big and all the little things you do for us.

Thank you Campfire-ers all. Thanks for making this a fun place to hang out. Thank you for showing your support, showing up, rain or shine. Saying VGG even when I loss sooo bad. Thank you for being willing to open your arms in friendship. Thank you for the morning hugs and the sweet good nights.

I Love You Campfire.

Congratulations and may there be many, many more.

WWoS_wildflower / Captain of Worldly Spaders


I've been on the zone for 12+ years. I play mostly spades and a little hearts j.o.d. of all the rooms I've played in, I by far, prefer campfire spaders because the people are friendlier than any other room. I come here to relax, be with friends and enjoy a game I love to play. there r very few problems and when one comes up the sops do a great job of settling them.

Thank u very much. I appreciate it :-)

I am Jim, wl_cougar_ and my team is wildlife :-)

What Nuts think of Campfire.

C - Cozy

A – Appealing.

M – Magnificent!

P – Perfect.

F – Friendly.

I – Ideal!

R – Respectful.

E – Excellent!

The best place on the net to play spades!

Happy 2nd Anniversary Campfire, looking forward to many many more!

pinenut - Captain of nuts

Thank you for all you do. I am a new cappy from kickin_aces. I have played over 1600 cf games most with the Aces. What I enjoy most is the feeling of family and the closenss that I have come with many people here at campfire, and a many of them are on other teams. I have become addicted to our league. I enjoy the compatition and the way that the ladder works. Keep up the good work.

Rocky, naples_aces - Captain of kickin_aces

It's not a web page, or being #1, or an award, or being "the team of the month"; none of that matters. It's the people that make the difference and i guess the way that admin run the ladder. Being able to play here is a bonus, just ask someone who can not. Don't imagine any of the people banned from the ladder are happy and expect most wish they could enjoy the same things that those of us who can take for granted.


_Moody_Blue_ (Dave) team captain for Flash

I just brought my team over from another room. We are new here but so far it has been very pleasant and fun to play again.

+MsDemeanr - Captain of TenACEous

Campfire and Spade Blazers mean to me family, fun, and friendship. This room is a place to gather when you really need to laff,,,or really really need a shoulder to cry on. A place to go when you need to see a friendly face (nic lol), or simply want to be among friends. It is a place where all are accepted and treated equal. No judgements are made about folks, and we are all free to be ourselves. OOOOO and you can play Spades once in a while if you choose too also lol.

ckayw_421 Cappy - Spade Blazers

We are very new here..but have found this ladder to have alot of fun people. Definitely a change from our other ladder we came from. Also, don't find the cheating as much as you do everywhere else. We have decided to stay here for awhile. :-)

_Chadder Captain of Forbidden

Frogs have been a part of Campfire since May of 2002. Since then we've played over 11,000 games! Most of our team have many friends in CF, and you can often find a frog kibbing someone from another team. Many of our team have come from other leagues, or from rated rooms, and have found a home here, where they can play competitive spades in a friendly atmosphere....

Thank you campfire for providing that.

+tennie_frog Captain of Come Back Frogs

IF there was one thing I could say about camp, it is the warmth around the fire. The friendships I have made in this room are forever. Not only did campfire give me a place to play spades, free of most trouble makers! It gave me a place to visit with friends. Friends that turned into family. There is no better place to look then forum!! In the congrats to friends for their accomplishments, or the words of comfort when a friend is hurting. There is a song I learned years ago that begins, " It only takes a spark to get a fire going. And soon all those around can warm up to its glowing."

Thank you Admin for the spark!!!!

Storm__Autumn and the Storm Team

These are the things that first came to mind that I remember most about my adventures in Campfire:

1. BlueSteel asked me to kibitz one of his games just to see if I liked the atmosphere in CF. I had been sitting around in a now defunct league wondering where certain people were when I got his message. I accepted his invitation, fell in love with the fun and friendly game being played, and have been hooked ever since. I sent an email to my team giving them the option of playing in both leagues or committing totally to CF. They answered that they'd go where I went. (That made me feel good too :-} ). Sweet and Easy has been in Cf ever since and we're planning on staying.

2. I had a dispute in with another team cappy, and was waiting to see if I'd been banned from CF. I had already emailed my team and co-cappy concerning my pending dismissal from CF and given them my last will and testimony so to speak. I was sitting at my puter waiting for the axe to fall when I got this grey message from Steel requesting my presence at table x. I had my tissue box all ready when arrived. All the admin were there so I just skipped the preliminaries and started sniffling. When Steel asked me if I'd consider being a Campfire admin, I literally fell out my chair, banged my "good" knee on the puter desk, and hit my head on the floor.

3. I've had many fun games in CF, but there are three games that had me laughing so hard my side ached and tears were rolling down my face: the first time I ever played a Music team (Dropz and Hpy.) I can never again look at "family reunions" in the same light; a game against Drinks on Us with Beeers, who I had thought was sane until that game; and a game against the Rents which ended with Rangerr sending me a music video I'd never seen. There are probably more, but those 3 come to mind.

Hope this is what you wanted. :-}

SwtyPi Captain - Sweet and Easy

Hello from JaZZeD_Up

Being new to team ladders has been an exciting experience and we've all met some very nice good people here. The thing I notice most are the ones that go out of their way to help others anyone .. that’s true character and a valued asset to any room. We all look forward to playing in Campfire league and on behalf of JaZZeD_Up I thank all who make this league possible and continued success.

THX Lost_Canadian & Team JaZZeD_Up

Sincerely LC - Captain

Dragonslayers were not here in the beginning; but all this team thinks this ladder and campsite cannot be even compared to any other, it is so above all the rest. Thank you for having us and we'll be here for the 3rd yr celebration for sure, save us a wiener and marshmallow.

Thanks all and especially the great administrative staff who believes in all the campers so much.

Dragon_Hilda, captain of a super team Dragonslayers

The Gamblers have really enjoyed the last two years on the CF Ladder. We love the non-stress of getting games, the fun we have had at the tables with great teams, not worrying about rank, and the feeling of being a part of a family. The competitiveness of this ladder is tough, there are a lot of great spades players here. Congrats on 2 years!

GamblerCharleen - The Gamblers

Angels_R_wild is the team created by wild_stepdime and his wife, littledoveangel. We have been together since December, 2001. Campfire has given a group of friends an opportunity to come together to play a game we all dearly care about... Spades. We laugh together... we cry together...and through it all we support each other. We feel like "family" and Campfire is our "home".

CCKat_Angel (current captain) Angels_R_Wild

To: Campfire on your 2nd Anniversary

From: UFO_Ro, Captain, Uniquely Fun Ones

To me Campfire signifies strength. Strength of character. Strength of morals and strength in the bond that brought everyone together in their hope to find a place where they could play a game each of us loves without being harassed, hurried, accused or abused.

The Uniquely Fun Ones have had many achievements as a TEAM. The first and foremost is that we ARE a Team......We've been together thru good times and bad times...We've played over 35,000 games together in the 5+ years we've been together. And though Campfire doesn't reflect our correct stats now, we were 2nd to Thangz in # of games played on CF's first anniversary.

Betcha didn't know that I, UFO_Ro, was the first to start out trivia in the lobby a long time ago :} What started out as just "fun" in the lobby, now has become a regular organized thing. Who would have thunk it!

Did you know that I also wrote the wording for your Sportsmanship Rule - bet ya didn't know that :} . I am quite proud of that :}. It was a long-time goal of mine to be able to stop accusations - insinuous ones in their tracks. In all my endeavors on the zone, besides the honor of being Captain to the UFO's, that is the one I am most proud of. The Sportsmanship rule has been adopted in one form or another in many ladders thruout the zone and has stood Campfire in good stead....and has kept all of us in line at one time or another too lol.

I hope you don't mind me tooting my own space-ship horn here .....but those are two personal achievements that I am very proud of. Mostly because each reflects what Campfire is all about. I've loved this Team and loved Campfire from day one....they are both part of me.

But what KEEPS Campfire what it is, are those at the Top - The Administrators.....Their strength. Their conviction and their dedication to this ladder. Each one of us on down the ladder (no pun intended lol), has a stake in keeping it that way too.

So, as Campfire celebrates it's 2nd Year Anniversary, let us NOT forget what brought us here in the first place. Let our conviction continue that friendship, fun and laughter conquer over unfriendly competition.

And remember, when you sit at a table and the folks aren't as friendly as you'd have them be, let THEM adopt YOUR FRIENDLY ATTITUDE - not the other way around.

Each of us knows the consequences should we forget let's make sure we don't.

Happy Birthday Campfire!!! And THANK YOU CF Administrators for keeping the candles lit........and THANK YOU CF Captains for continuing to work together to keep it strong.



Captain, Uniquely Fun Ones

Lets see what makes this room special. You can relax ,have fun, not be expected to listen to a lot of lobby fights .You get the chance to make wonderful friends. This room is a very caring room . If one is sick we pray for them. You have wonderful admins who really care for this place. We can sing , tell jokes, and truly enjoy a game of spades. We dont have to worry about whos #1 and how to get them out of that spot it will happen all in good time. I am truly proud to be a captain here and enjoy helping make this place fun .

trouble - Captain - Mites

As Team BID4POWER closes in on its one year anniversary finding one game to reflect on would be very hard for me to do. There are so many... I Love the league. Meeting so many Great people in one place is the best.. We wish all here the best...

Happy Spading


This Room has been a source of Life ...escape from the real life ...and a bonding of many friends ...I wake up an first thing I think about is my family ...and then my campfire family which you all have become an important part of my life may not be real faces an we might not can hear the words being said ...but it’s the same friendship as those who are in my daily life ...and many of you among the camp are more dear to me than the people I interact with on a daily basis.....I have so come to love this Room ... My team ...and the many teams in this room.

Dropz_luvzMusic Captain - music

Hi, we have been her for a while now, since February of this year I think. I think that I speak for all us Brats when I say that we love it here. I myself have been in other leagues and could never find one that I really enjoyed. Now I feel I have found my spot here at campfire. Most of the time the room is a fun place to be, and I have to say that this room is one of the most courteous rooms there is for ladder play, especially for the size. That is an important benefit in being on this league, and I think others would agree. The Campfire is a comfortable place to be, you want to be here, it is not a pressure, it is relaxation for a lot of us. So I say, congratulations on another year, and pass the MARSHMALLOWS!!!!



Capt. of The Brat Pack

My team "together" has been in this room for 4 months now, but I've been in this room for almost 2 yrs now. Coming from room 1 originally I gotta say there is a huge difference. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the people in Campfire.

_bambi327 Captain - together

Nearly two years ago I joined Campfire Spaders on The Sly Ones team. I was SlyDragon_ then. My Captain was Sly_Fox or George Poulin. I started my own team DragonSlayers. I told all my teamies that they were to treat each other and all opps with respect and follow Campfire Rules. I hold the same simple principles to this day. I think my very first teamie was Dragon_Hilda who was from the angels team. I ended up with quite a lot of the angels team in the long run lol. Then I got Hot_Pants, Blazin,Te,Ae,and Bobby_Dragon, Miester and so on. We grew into a very good team in no time at all. I made Hilda my Co-Cappy and she was a great recruiter and friend. She also turned out to be one heck of a Captain. She supported me as Co-Captain and did a better job than me as Captain. I took a leave of absence for personal family reasons dropping in and out from time to time to say Hi and see how all was going. Then when I came back again I was ready to be a teamie on DragonSlayers and just have fun. But the team had a full roster and though Hilda said she could drop someone from roster to make room for me, I didn't want to take someone else's place, so I joined Drinks On Us. Budwiser_Man asked me to take the team. So I contacted the Administrators on the Ladder and well here I am. Now we have formed the Drinks Club and started a sister team and I am hoping it will blossom. That’s about it except that now I find myself on the Captains Forum Committee and the Welcoming Committee and I have been asked to help Jolie with the tournaments. I think I might be overstretching myself. Just like old times lol.

Dan - CFSC_JimBeam Captain - Drinks On Us

Our team, No Pressure was started on February 5th, roughly 8 months ago. The theme of the team is like the Campfire League itself. Sit and play, relax, have fun and treat your time with friends in the highest quality possible. Play when you can, play as often or as little as to what your lifestyle dictates. The rules for this team are simple, be kind and courteous to teamies and opponents alike. Flawless reporting of losses is very important to me because it shows respect and thoughtfulness to others and its not hard to do if you are careful and thorough. Of course we all want to win but true sportsmanship is someone who loses with dignity and grace. These are the qualities I try to instill in others who play on the team. Teammates come and go but the core and the theme of the team will always remain the same.

I would like to thank the admins for their hard work in keeping this leagues theme a constant for the last 2 years.


JustSpadesPLZ Captain of TN No Pressure

Hi there I have only had a team with campfire a little over a month now, I have been on other teams in the past and I just love campfire. Everyone here is so nice and friendly. When I need help someone was there to help me. Thank You for having such a great ladder league. :)

HotSpder2 Captain - Magic Cards


I been in cf for almost two years. My team for one year. Far as I am concerned this is the best place on the web. would not be possible with out the admin work, cappys , party/trivia hosts and all the great loyal players we have in cf. Keep up the great work everyone and see ya at the tables.


Bradley Romanowski Captain - Team Unstable

Abracadabra has been part of campfires since Jan of 2003, with many original players still on it from almost the beginning. We have enjoyed this league for 10 months and look forward to playing many more. So many teams in here

have made us feel so welcome. We find many of the teams and their teamies to be friendly and lots of fun. I myself enjoy sitting at a table and playing, having fun with the opps, laughing and joking throughout the game. In this league you see that a lot are here to just have fun and relax. Yes, every one likes to win but I love to have fun win or lose, my pards and I have had so much fun that at times we forget about the game and just have fun and forget about who wins or loses. When you can laugh so hard you cry, even when you lost a game that’s sure does say a lot. I have also found the admin of this league to be fair, friendly, helpful, and always available. I would not hesitate to recommend this room to any player looking to join a league. As cappy of Abracadabra, I would like to thank campfires for letting us be

part of this league. We look forward to great games ahead, great company and good friendship.


Playfuluvsmagic Captain - Abracadabra

I sent an email to my team members and ask them, "In a few words, what does cf means to you?" Most sent back "campfire". So I tried again. "Tell me what CAMPFIRE means to you". Here are a few of their responses:

_Star_Chick : Clean, fun, family, very good friends and good competition. Friendly, no cheating. Carol stumbled into room 5 one day, looking for more advanced competition but no one would play with her. Cf lobby directed her on how to become a member and 1950 games later, she is still here.

_StarZ_D: Family.. Dottie is a lady of very few words. If you have ever played in a game with her you know what I mean. I am thrilled when I get as much as a :-) outta her.

_StarZ_matt2u: I join cf because I wanted a place to play spades where I could enjoy competition without worrying about poor sportsmanship. Matt is our team clown, liked by all, very competitive, found in rated not long ago and never wants to go back.

_StarZ_Shine: Friendship, good clean spades playing…where having fun is top priority This from a lady that is very competitive and serious about her spades now. I have played many games over the years with Barb in rated. Finally convincing her to join team. Her husband _StarZ_Moxniks1 joined her soon after. He hates DN btw.

_StarZ_Oooops: I am so excited about coming to America for the first time and it's all because of Campfire!!! Debbie lives in Australia, and is coming to America for the first time to meet her friends she has met in cf. For the other team members she is also coming to see, warning: She stays with StarZ

_StarZ_Player: Good friendly atmosphere with opps, family atmosphere with team, good sportsmanship with all, no foul language, no cheating. This is Prestons' first time on a team in ladder. You won't find him back in rated. His wife, Sylvia, joined cf after watching him play, getting to know the people here and liking what she saw.

_StarZ_Barbie: What can you say about campfire?? I have really enjoyed being with campfire and especially with StarZ. Have met the nicest people. Everyone has been very helpful in showing me how everything works. When I wanted to go into pc, I found all you have to do is ask, and you get help from everyone. Really nice to be a part of such a nice group. Have played in the rated rooms for years and we all know what kind of abuse that can go on there. My daughter, Czech, told me I needed to be in cf. She was right. So far, only have found friends with campfire. Barbie makes up for _StarZ_D's lack of words.

_StarZ_Elite1: Deb, It would take more than a few words but cf has been my life saver, my sanity. Has given me family and friends beyond measure. I feel at home here when I come to cf. Carol is a nurse that has recently been diagnosed permanently disabled. You will see her active in cf more than any other person. In the month of Sept., she played over 400 games.

_Star__Summerr: I play in cf because of the people who play in this room…too many headaches with the other rooms. Well, you all know Summerr. She's been everywhere on this zone, from a job with cases years ago to top player in singles. She knows where her home is.

_StarZ_Britz2u2: Deb. I joined cf league because I like to play spades....I wanted to play in a fun, friendly atmosphere with people who truly care and have a genuine concern for each other . I hate quitters and cheats. I joined the StarZ team because I enjoy games where there is no accusation nor blame cast by your team members for honest mistakes made. I assume that everyone tries as hard as they can each and every time they play. The StarZ team seems to promote this philosophy. I am proud to be a member of the StarZ team and hope to play with them for a very long time. Beth is new to StarZ, but not to cf .

I could tell you what campfire means to me, and all of you know how much I love to write, but it would take up the entire space available. Family seems to be the most common word used to describe Campfire. As in every family, we all have our disagreements and squabbles, but we always seem to work them out and feel closer than before. Ever see two cf'ers go at it in the lobby or in the forum? Then a few days later one is hurt or in need, and the other one is the first to jump in and lead the prayer.

That is family. That is Campfire.

Keeper Cappy of StarZ

In the beginning Campfire created a wonderful place for all the teams from ML to come join and have fun, hassle free. Over these last 2 years we have had great teams come and go with new ones to follow. Some old teams have returned and we enjoy our old friends coming back to our special haven. Yes I call this my haven. It’s a place for me to relax, have fun and make lots of new friends. I have enjoyed these last 2 years and hope for many more years to come.

_maryjane_ILag2 - The Orphans

My opinion is campfire is one of the best ladder rooms all the teams are friendly and we all get along very nicely if it hasn’t changed since I’ve been gone I DON’T THINK SO a good thing don’t change in such a short time ;o)

Thank You

DNK_Penelope - Captain of DragonFyre

DrSuess formed about a month before joining campfire. We were a new team in TLR1 and relative strangers even to our own team mates. Needless to say, we were all still apprehensive and timid in our approach to league play…bidding was a nightmare and the fear of doing some little something wrong and being penalized kept us painfully slow in obtaining games.

Drsuess’s original captain found a new league, CampFire…and we joined in November, just a few days shy of campfire’s one month anniversary. What a wonderful place it was! No more fear in bidding, no more sitting for hours trying to get a bid or a 2nd….we just sat and played. This alone was promising enough, but the open friendliness and warm welcomes we received seal the deal for me….I knew after my first game that campfire would be my home on line. Frogs and UFO’s and WNW and THANGZ, oh gosh, the list goes on and on of CF teams that welcomed us with open arms. The lobby was no longer a place for rabid bidding and veiled threats and warnings, now we had a lobby full of congratulations and hello’s and good lucks…hugs and smiles and Admin members that actually spoke to us "peons." lol

Not long after suess came to CF, I found myself in the captain’s position. Cin accepted the co-captain position and we have steadily trudged forward since…. Making friends, handling problems, going through good times (and bad), growing and learning and become the dearest of friends….and steadily making friends for life with other CFers.

DrSuess is not about the win…just take a good look at our team stats and mine for in particular and you will see that winning is just the icing on the cake for our team. We are Cfer’s because to us CF stands for friendship fun and fair play… one even remembers after a day or two what games we won or lost, no one even cares….because the fun we have in games and the fellowship we share with others are the things that keep us in CampFire.

Campfire has enriched my life, taught me more about people than I had ever learned before, helped to make me a wiser and stronger person and has become more than an online home….campfire has become my extended family and a community that defies all geographical boundaries and limitations.

So, next time you see me hollering in the lobby of team ladder room 5..."I love campfire!", you’ll know why and can be sure I mean it from the bottom of my heart. =-)

Sharee_who - Captain DrSuess



Teams With The Most Games Played

ColorMySpades - 20, 834
DrSuess - 20, 305
ThangZ - 20, 002
CEREALS - 19, 160
aces - 18, 479


Total CampFire games played




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