On October 15th, 2001 the CampFire Spaders Team Ladder was created.
The vision of the creators and those that followed was: the existence of a friendly team ladder where
sportsmanship was a top priority; a ladder where obnoxious, hurtful or dirty comments in the lobby would be
dealt with instead of ignored; and a ladder where proven cheaters could be permanently banned.

We wanted a family atmosphere where a parent could allow a child to read the lobby without fear, where
unfounded accusations were a thing of the past, and where everyone could be considered a friend.

We wanted it to be easy to get a game. We wanted no bidding and no challenging...just sit and play the game
we love without regard to rank. Rank mongering would be frowned upon. Repeated troublemakers would be
removed. Any actions not conducive to our intended atmosphere would be penalized.
I referred to it earlier as a "vision". It really wasn't as grand as that word infers. It was and is
simply a desire for common sense morality exhibited in a team ladder environment.   

By joining us around the CampFire, you have chosen FREELY to uphold the ideals that make this
Ladder unique: Keep it clean, keep it fun, keep it fair and keep it friendly.
This is a Team Ladder based at Safe Harbor Games. Games are to be played in the league room
named "CampFire Spaders."
These are the minimum standards set for the ladder. Team Captains may, at their option,
require more stringent rules for their teams. If a player violates a "team" rule set by their
Captain, it will be the Captain's responsibility to handle it. CF admin will NOT penalize for
violations of a team rule unless it is also a violation of CampFire rules.
Definition of Sportsmanship: Respect for Opponents and Gracious Behavior in Winning and Losing.

Definition of Insinuation: To introduce in a clever way. Too imply. An insinuation "IS A CLEVER
WAY" to accuse someone of cheating without actually saying the word "cheat."

Winning and losing GRACIOUSLY is what this ladder is all about. Bad Attitudes have no place
here. If you can't say something nice - don't say anything.

If  UNsportsmanlike conduct (the reverse of the above definition) is displayed with proof at a table,
in a game comment, in the lobby, in the forum or via any messaging system, penalties may be
imposed. This is subject to and may include insinuations of cheating and its definition as set forth.
(See the Penalty Guidelines for how these penalties will be imposed)
CampFire’s lobby is a place for friendly, fun and respectful banter.

The lobby is not a place for the discussion of sex, for sexual innuendos, or for expressing your political or
religious beliefs.  Nor is it a place for copying and pasting inappropriate language, URL's (other than
CampFire/Safe Harbor related) or comments sent to you through SH messenger.  If you are sent a
message, and it is inappropriate to you, turn in the complete chat (involving the discussion) as a
complaint.  Copying and pasting SH messages in the lobby is not allowed, nor is typing a fake message in

Cussing:  It is impossible to encompass the entire spectrum of words used in “cussing.” Many of our
members have children and grandchildren who may be watching and reading.  Our members should be
comfortable in the knowledge that they themselves, their children and grandchildren can read the lobby
and not find offensive language being used.
Suffice it to say if you were told at one time in your life (be it your mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather,
aunt, uncle, teacher or some other adult,) not to use that “word,” then out of respect for your fellow
campers, please refrain from using it in the lobby.  
Violating the standards as set forth above, MAY result in penalties if filed on by a member of CampFire
and WILL result in penalties if the violations continue after being asked by Admin to stop.  

Using the “F” word (and all its derivatives,) will result in an immediate gag or boot from the room (if an
Administrator is present) along with the penalty of a three (3) day box.  Extreme hard-core language can
result in an immediate ban.
If you are publicly fighting in this Ladder, you may be permanently banned.
Remember, it takes two (or more) to fight. A fight is considered public if it is held in the Lobby or the
Message Forum. Unacceptable Lobby and Forum conduct includes cussing and sexual innuendos.
Complaints on questionable lobby chat may be filed by any CF Ladder member.  At least 20 lines of the
offensive chat should be copied and mailed to
campfire@campfirespaders.com with “lobby conduct” in
the subject line.  Forty-eight (48) hours is given to those filed against to respond to the complaint.  
No CampFire member should block another CampFire member or visitor in our room.  Please use the
Ignore option instead of blocking.  If you have previously blocked anyone while in another room, please
lift the block while you both are in the CampFire Spaders room.   
Posting in the Message Forum is a privilege reserved for members of a team in CampFire Spaders. It is
intended as a place for announcements, congratulatory statements, questions and constructive criticism.  
Posts by individuals not on a team, with the exception of those new members LOOKING for a team in the
post, may be pulled.  Posts by individuals not on our Ladder may also be pulled.
Posts that bash individuals or teams by name
will be pulled including those that do not specifically name
names but do offer so much information that the individual or team in question is readily identifiable. If
this happens, it is possible to lose your privilege of posting in the forum.  
PROVEN CHEATERS WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED from the Ladder. There will be NO second
chances. An accusation without proof is NOT acceptable.  
Lagging does not mean cheating.  Proof
means: a cheating private message that has been captured in a screen shot; cards or instructions typed
into the table chat or elsewhere; or similar proof.
If you have proof someone is cheating, do NOT leave the table. Stop the game in progress and request an
Administrator to come to the table. Whether one is available or not, take a screen shot of the table, of
any private message, make a copy of the entire table chat, and immediately (as in right away) send to
campfire@campfirespaders.com with “cheating” in the subject line.
If an Administrator tells you to continue a game, you must continue the game or report it as a loss. The
only time you are not required to finish a game is if an Administrator cancels the game or if an
Administrator is not available AND it is PROVEN cheating. The rule of thumb is to get an Administrator
to make that decision.

Automated card-counting programs are illegal in the CampFire Spaders Ladder.  If a card counter is
captured in a screen shot as open, it will result in a permanent ban.

Players who are PROVEN CHEATERS from other leagues will not be allowed to join CampFire Spaders.
Current CampFire members who are caught cheating in another league, and subsequently banned from
that league as a PROVEN CHEATER may also be banned from CampFire for cheating, provided that
other leagues provide complete documentation of the proof used to prove the cheating, and that
CampFire Administration finds that the proof meets our standards of proof.
CampFire will also provide other leagues with the proof we used to ban a member for cheating. Other
leagues will act on our proof as they see fit, which may or may not include banning that player from their
Table talk about the cards in the current hand, whether or not it affects the outcome of the hand, is not
permitted. Discussing the cards
after the last card of a hand is fine, but NEVER during the play of the current
hand. Example:
Before the hand is over, you cannot tell your partner to "bag the other team, set them, give
them one more, double nil, or nil."  Cover me partner (cmp), The Rest Are Mine (TRAM) and “I am nil” are
also table talk.  All of those examples and more are considered table talk. NONE is acceptable.
1. All instances of perceived table talk MUST be mentioned and a forfeit requested in the table chat at the time
of occurrence.
2. . The accused team may forfeit at that time with no further penalty.
3. .
If the accused team refuses to forfeit, the incident may be filed through your team Captain to the Admin
along with a copy of the completed game's table chat as proof.
4. If filed correctly and the Admin determine that table talk took place, a forfeit will be awarded (if necessary)
as well as a team and possible individual penalty.
If the accusing team refuses to accept an offered forfeit, the incident may not be
(We have three (3) types of games that we play in CampFire: Reg with DN; Reg NDN; and ALT variations with DN or
NDN.  Only one (1) game format can be advertised at one time.)
We have four (4) different games that can be advertised at the same time:
1. Regular with No Double Nil – Would be advertised as:  CF @ 4 NDN
2. Regular with Double Nil – Would be advertised as:  CF @ 4 DN or CF @ 4 All bids
3.  ALT game (whatever game is) CF @ 4 ALT – CF @ 4 Crawl.  Zero Bid is an Alt game format and should be
advertised as such. (Reg NDN with zero bid, Reg All Bids with zero bid, Alt with zero bid)
4.   1 vs 1 (two players with a bot for a partner) should be advertised as (1 vs 1 Reg NDN, Reg All Bids, or Alt.)  
Do NOT sit at another table while someone is advertising for a game, and say "Table A then Z."  When the
same type of game is being advertised, BE COURTEOUS and wait for that game to fill before sitting.
Do not sit and advertise for a game until you and your partner are seated and ready to play.
Do not sit for an advertised game unless your partner/camper is in the room and ready to play.
You may not:
1. Request a team by name or rank in any manner.
2. Include your rank in your advertisement.
3. Bid, challenge or blind challenge in any manner.
4. Request a game as a kibber at a table.
5. Start a game with a substitute
6. Request a game through SH messenger.
The mentioning of rank in the lobby is restricted to congratulations for a new #1 team.
Back-to-back games: are allowed with the same or different players; and are always optional and should be
stated, politely, at the table or in the lobby as the reason for refusing a game. (Note: Refusing a second
game should be a rare occurrence.)
There is no limit on how many times a day you may play a particular team.
When two (2) partners sit across from each other, they are ready to play even if no advertisement has been
made in the lobby. If teammates are just sitting to chat, they should sit next to each other instead of across.
No matter how you get a game, both teams should type their team names and the name of the camper if
there is one.
Default is eight (8) hands
Click here for Game List
Only one (1) alternate game may be advertised at a time.  Please wait for one alternate game to be filled
before advertising for another one.   See Rules on "How to Get a Game" for further details.
If there is a misbid/misplay in the first hand, a reseat should be offered.  Many alt games will be new to most
members, and a reseat on a first hand misbid/misplay is in keeping with the CampFire Spirit.  However, it is
still the responsibility of ALL players to understand the format before the start of play.  
When the game is over, BOTH losing partners involved in the game are to communicate who is reporting the match.
At least one member of the losing team must stay at the table until the report is finished, and it has been typed in
game chat that game is posted/reported.
  This allows the reporting person to know through the table chat who
ALL the players were, and there should be no misreports made. If you get the one-minute wait message, the
easiest thing to do is keep an eye on your computer clock and click “submit” on each new minute.
Misreports and double reports can be corrected by sending the game chat to campfire@campfirespaders.com   If
the nick of any person playing in the game is not found on the team roster, it is a "no game." You cannot at the
end of the game ask for it to be posted to the Camper Player.
Unless the site is down you MUST report before you start your next game.
If the reporting page is out of service, all games will continue to be played on an open table as usual. Please keep
a written list of games played so later on, when the reporting page resumes working properly, you may report
losses in the order of play.
After Case comes back up, please give opponents twenty-four (24) hours to get the game posted. If not posted in
twenty-four (24) hours, send game chat to your Captain to handle.
If the winning team notices the match does not show, write down the names of the team and players. Continue with
your games. If said game is still not posted when you have finished playing for the day, send an e-mail with ALL
information to your team Captain. Your Captain can then contact the other team's Captain, and they can work it
out from there.
If the team Captain has tried to settle an unreported match complaint, and the match is still not reported after
twenty-four (24) hours, an unreported match complaint should be sent to
campfire@campfirespaders.com with
"unreported match" as the subject.
See Captain Guidelines- Procedure for Filing a Complaint on the main page at  www.campfirespaders.com .   
Upon receipt of an unreported match complaint, Administration will ask for action from the reporting team's
Captain. Said Captain has twenty-four (24) hours from the date and time of Administration's notice to verify and
post the match. If the match is still unreported after the allotted time, Administration will post the match and a
TEAM WARNING will be issued.
(See Penalty Guidelines for imposed penalties on unreported matches)
Kibitzing is permitted during all CF Ladder games, but please remember that a kibber is a guest at the table.  
Please keep the chatter to a minimum so as not to aggravate the two teams playing. If requested, please refrain
from chatting.
Only the person you are kibitzing may ask you to stand, and if they do, the request must be honored by either
standing or by kibitzing someone else who does not mind.   
If the person kibitzing at your game is being rude, obnoxious, lewd, vulgar, offensive or unsportsmanlike in any
manner, any one of the four players in the game may request him/her to be quiet, and that request should be
honored immediately.
In order to remove the offending Kibitzer from the table, it must be agreed upon by all four players playing the
If the request is not honored and no Admin is available, you need to copy complete game chat and give to your
Captain to handle.
Try to time your BRB before the end of a hand and request the last card be held (HLC). Then you can go change
a diaper, go to the bathroom, get a sandwich, or get a drink. Understandably, that is NOT always possible, as
emergencies do occur, but if possible, please be considerate of others and wait until the end of the hand.   
When a player is booted from the table, those players remaining, must wait a minimum of five (5) minutes. If the
booted player has NOT returned, the partner (of the booted player) may choose to get a sub or to continue with a
bot. If a sub from their team is not available, anyone may be called upon to complete the game. This would
include Campers who are registered in CampFire, but not yet on a team and any CampFire guest.   
Safe Harbor may sometimes work in mysterious ways. If your partner or opponent is lagging, we ask that you
type the word "test" to determine if you are the one causing the lag.
No game may be started with a substitute. When a boot occurs and a substitute is used, the original four (4)
players are always credited with the win or loss.
When a game is started with a Camper and the camper's partner boots and does not return within the five (5)
minute boot time, the camper should continue the game with a bot or a sub until a winner is determined. If the
losing team is the team with the camper (and since campers cannot report a loss,) the opponents MUST copy
ALL game chat (from beginning of game until end) and submit it to the booted player's Captain for reporting.
The loss goes to the original player who booted, and the camper. (Make sure the camper’s name is notated in the
Match Comment section of the loss report.)
Note: The "Unreported Match Rule" applies in this case. See the "Unreported Match Rule" for further details    
In 1 vs. 1 (two players with a bot for a partner), if a player is booted and the remaining player doesn’t want to
wait more than five minutes for the booted player to return, it’s a “No Game.”
MASS BOOTS: When a mass boot or a room crash occurs (all players booted from room), the game is ruled a
“No Game.”  (No Team is obligated to report a loss)  
We only allow a set number of accounts from one location. If this number is exceeded, your accounts will be
investigated and possibly removed. We have an automated security system to keep track of this information,
and all new account information is logged. It is illegal for one person to have multiple accounts or be on
multiple teams. Only one nick name allowed per account. (Only you are allowed to play under your ladder
nickname, not anyone else.)
Members of the same household are  allowed to play with OR against each other.  If you are a member of a
same household (same workplace) situation, you MUST notify us before playing, at
campfire@campfirespaders.com This also includes if spouse is at work, out of town, etc. You must submit
ladder nicknames and team names of all involved.
Failure to do so will result in penalties being issued
Every #1 team will be rung to the bottom of the ladder once they have held the position for seven days. Let's
keep the top ranks active and fair. If you are a top ranked team, give all teams a shot, not only those ranked
immediately below or above you.
See Captain and Player Guidelines- Procedure for Filing a Complaint on the main page at www.campfirespaders.com
Aside from proven instances of cheating, questionable lobby chats, and misreported matches, all official complaints
must be submitted by your Team Captain.
All evidence should be sent to your Team Captain to resolve the matter. Team Captains are encouraged to resolve
the situation between themselves BEFORE an official complaint is filed.   If the Captains cannot come up with an
agreement, the next step is for the Captains to copy the meeting chat between the two Captains and send it to the
Admin.  A complaint only becomes official once it is mailed by a Team Captain to this address:
The procedure for filing a complaint can be found in the Captain Guidelines on the main page at
www.Campfirespaders.com All evidence should be sent to your Team Captain to resolve the matter. Team Captains
are encouraged to resolve the situation between themselves BEFORE an official complaint is filed.   If the Captains
cannot come up with an agreement, the next step is for the Captains to copy the meeting chat between the two
Captains and send it to the Admin.  A complaint only becomes official once it is mailed by a Team Captain to this
You have two weeks (14 days) from when the game or incident occurred to file a complaint. See Procedure for filing a
If your Team Captain is unavailable, and your problem needs immediate attention, you may seek out an
Administrator for guidance
All complaints are given 48 hours for the Captains to handle and will be handled by Administrators if NOT withdrawn by
the filing Captain.
Definition of a misreport/double report: When the wrong player or team receives the loss/win or when the correct
players or teams receive the wrong number of losses/wins because of a double report.

All misreports will be fixed if the correct procedure for filing the misreport is followed.

Please follow the following procedure when filing a misreport claim:

1.  By e-mail ONLY, send the full game chat within twenty-four (24) hours of a misreport.
Send to
campfire@campfirespaders.com with “misreport” in the subject line.
2.  Team Name Filing
3.  Team Name who misreported
4.  All four players involved in the game
A.  Player 1 nick
B.  Player 2 nick
C.  Player 3 nick
D.  Player 4 nick

5.  Player who received the loss/win in error
6.  Player who should have received the loss/win
7.  Player who stated he/she would report the match.
Note:  ANY player involved in the game may file a misreport.  Penalties will be imposed on repeat offenders.
Note:  Administrators will NOT fix misreports and/or double reports if called to a table, but will be glad to help if
you are unsure of what you need to do to file a misreport.  Misreports will only be fixed via e-mail and only if the
above requirements are met.
Note:  If a game is posted early, the game does not have to be finished. This will not be fixed as it is not a misreport.
Procedure for filing a Double Report: By e-mail ONLY, send a screen shot and/or the date and time of the “double
report” with the names of the teams and players within twenty-four (24) hours to
with “double report” in the subject line.  
Your Ladder name must match your Safe Harbor name; this includes spaces, underscores and other keyboard
characters. If it doesn't, the match is invalid and a "No Game."
The ONLY exception is CAPS or non- caps. You should e-mail Admin to have CAPS and non-caps adjusted to your
ladder name.
The nickname you choose cannot be objectionable to the Administration. Names similar to those already existing on
the CampFire Spaders Ladder are not allowed and you WILL be asked to change it. Several teams have "identifiers"
that they require within the nickname. Please check with your Captain.
Teams wishing to use a Camper may increase their roster size to forty-one (41) to accommodate that Camper Player.
A Camper does not have to be a member of CampFire Spaders for a game, but must be a member in order to be a
Camper for a tournament. You can register at
www.campfirespaders.com and click on “Free Sign Up.”
If playing with a Camper, please say so in game chat when you state your team name.  Failure to do so will result in a
"no game."  Please make sure the Campers’ names are notated in the
Match Comment section of the loss report so
they may get credit for their game.
There are exceptions to EVERY rule. Without exceptions, there would be a need for MORE rules. In other words, if
it is not written here or in the penalty guidelines, it does NOT mean it is allowed. It does NOT mean you won't be
penalized/boxed/rung/banned just because it isn't written.
CAMPFIRE PENALTY GUIDELINES:  http://www.campfirespaders.com/penaltyguide.html  
CampFire Vision