Admin Guidelines


Voluntary rank reductions are only allowed all the way to the bottom of the ladder.  Partial rank reduction is not allowed.


Administrators do not need a consensus to pull a forum post.  This action maybe be performed by an individual administrator.  Please copy and save the forum post before it is removed. 

Posting in the Message Forum is a privilege reserved for members of a team on CampFire Spaders. It is intended as a place for announcements, congratulatory statements, questions and constructive criticism. 

Posts by individuals not on a team, with the exception of those new members LOOKING for a team in the post, will be pulled. Posts by individuals not on our Ladder will also be pulled. 

Posts that bash individuals or teams by name will be pulled including those that do not specifically name names but do offer so much information that the individual or team in question is readily identifiable.

When there is a complaint involving the team of an Admin, the Admin must leave the meeting during the discussion and vote. Comments concerning the complaint should be sent by email just as a non-Admin comment would be submitted.


Becoming an Admin in a competing Ladder will result in your immediate dismissal.