Captain Guidelines

I am a Captain.

I am responsible for the actions of those placed on my roster.

It is my duty to assure that no team is intentionally avoided.  It is my duty to assure that my team does not manipulate the ladder.  It is my duty to assure that my team does not break the rules as currently posted.  It is my duty to be civil and mature in handling of all disputes involving my team.

It is NOT my duty to search out loopholes in the rules that can give my team an unfair advantage.  It is NOT my duty to cause as much conflict with as many teams as I possibly can.  It is NOT my duty to circumvent the items that this ladder is based on...Fun, Friendliness, and Fairness.

Only a Team  Captain may add or delete players from their roster.  If you wish for admin to add a player to your team in your absence, an email should be sent to admin giving them permission to do so. It is a Captain's OBLIGATION to be certain every player has read AND understands the rules of this ladder.  The actions of ONE player can affect an entire team.  A one-word accusation in table chat is enough to get that team a warning by the Administration.  Repeated violations can result in a team or individual being rung (dropping a team a number of rungs in rank), boxed (an individual or team being unable to play or report losses or wins for several days), or banned from this ladder.

Team Captains are encouraged to hold regular team meetings to discuss strategy or just to get together.   They should also direct them to the Main Page and point out the information that is available there.  Also, direct them to the Message Forum to catch them up on everything that is going on ladder-wide.  Encourage their participation in helping us keep this a fun and friendly ladder.

              Teams may have up to 41 members (40 + camper).

             A rotating roster (continuously substituting the same players) is NOT allowed.

            A team is purged after 21 days of "zero games played".  As long as one game is played within that time period,  the counter is reset to zero. 

             No   team members may be purged unless the entire team goes 21 days without playing.



My League is very strict on its limitation for recruiting.  Those restrictions can be found

Aside from posting in the Campfire Forum, it is against Campfire Rules for

any CF Member to recruit individual members from another team via any

messaging system, at any table, or through written correspondence, WITHOUT

TALKING to the Individual's Team Captain First.  If proof is captured of

recruitment, without written consent of the  recruited person's

 Captain, the Individual doing the recruiting will be penalized.


                Procedure For Filing A Complaint

1.  Date game was played or incident occurred.

2.  All four players involved in the game.

3.  Individual (s) you are filing against.

4.  The rule (s) broken.

5.  Complete game chat of complaints filed on games, unless boots have occurred and complete chat is not available.

6.  Email to



Procedure For Filing Lobby Complaints

1.  Date Lobby chat occurred.

2.  Copy of lobby chat

3.  Person (s) you are filing against

4.  The rule (s) broken.

5.  Email to