On October 15th, 2001 the CampFire Spaders Team Ladder was created.

The vision of the creators and those that followed was: the existence of a friendly team ladder where sportsmanship was a top priority; a ladder where obnoxious, hurtful or dirty comments in the lobby would be dealt with instead of ignored; and a ladder where proven cheaters could be permanently banned.

We wanted a family atmosphere where a parent could allow a child to read the lobby without fear, where unfounded accusations were a thing of the past, and where everyone could be considered a friend.

We wanted it to be easy to get a game.  We wanted no bidding and no challenging...just sit and play the game we love without regard to rank.  Rank mongering would be frowned upon.  Repeated troublemakers would be removed.  Any actions not conducive to our intended atmosphere would be penalized.

It was  referred to earlier as a "vision".  It really wasn't as grand as that word infers.  It was and is simply a desire for common sense morality exhibited in a team ladder environment.

By joining us around the CampFire you have chosen FREELY to uphold the ideals that make this Ladder unique.  Keep it clean, keep it fun, keep it fair and keep it friendly.

That's what the CampFire Spaders Team Ladder is all about.

Penalty Guidelines


ONLY Captains can file complaints.  All complaints filed against another team or teams shall be immediately forwarded to both Captains involved.  All evidence will be included in the mailing.  Those Captains have 48 hours from the time of the mailing to contact the other Captain in an attempt to work it out.  If the situation has been handled the complaining Captain MUST withdraw the complaint by EMAIL.  Once the 48 hours passes without a withdrawal, the complaint will be placed onto the agenda for the next scheduled Administrators' meeting.

Once a complaint has been handled by the Administration, a notification of the results will be sent to All Captains involved.  The information provided, shall be no more explicit than normal wording that would appear in the news.

Captain Chats:  When trying to work out a pending or filed complaint, Captains chats may not be used as evidence of further complaints UNLESS the chat includes a violation of our CampFire Unsportsmanlike Conduct rule. (i.e. cursing, threatening, or excessively bad-mouthing a person or team.)



     1.  1st Penalty:  Warning issued to Individual of Rule infraction.

     2.  2nd Penalty:  Individual boxed for 1 day.

     3.  3rd Penalty:  Individual boxed for 3 days

     4.  4th Penalty:  Individual boxed for 5 days

     5.  5th Penalty:  Individual BANNED.

     6.  Using the F word or in abbreviations or sexual innuendos - 3 day box

NOTE:  If the conduct by the individual is deemed extreme by the Admin it is possible to receive a box or ban before any warning is issued.



It is a rule that one player MUST remain at the table until a game is reported.  Violating this rule, and the subsequent allotted time to get the report in (a whopping total of 48 hours) will result in the following penalties:

     1.  1st Infraction:  Team Warning/Individuals* Warned.

     2.  2nd Infraction:  *Individual (s) Boxed for three (3) days.

     3.  3rd Infraction:  Team Boxed for five (5) days.

     4.  4th Infraction and all subsequent violations will result in the Team being boxed for five (5) days.

       *Note:  BOTH partners involved in the game are to communicate on who is reporting the match.  Consequently, both partners will be held accountable for not doing so. 


All instances of perceived table talk MUST be mentioned in the table chat at the time of the occurrence.  

Every instance of table talk (as specified in the rules) will result in the forfeit of that game by the team of the table talker as well as a written warning to the team captain.  If an Administrator witnesses the offense and the game is completed, suitable adjustments for the forfeit will be made if necessary.

Should a forfeit be offered by the team violating the table talk rule, and the opponents DO NOT ACCEPT the offer of forfeit, instead, allowing the game to continue until its conclusion, any complaint filed are invalid; unless there are further instances of table talk in the same game by the same team.

If you offer a forfeit and that offer is NOT ACCEPTED, you cannot be filed upon for that incident.  Additional incidents within the same game may still be filed upon.


Should the game be determine forfeited, the following penalties will be imposed:

     1.  1st offense:  Team warning.  Individual warned

     2.  2nd offense:  Team will be rung to the bottom of the ladder  and individual will be  boxed a minimum
         of  3 days  or banned from the ladder.

     3.  3rd offense:  The Team and Individual at the very minimum will be boxed.


A boxed player shall not play any games for the time they have been boxed. 

A written notification of the box will be sent from Administration to the boxed player, along with a copy to the Team Captain.  The letter will state the amount of days of the box and the time said player (s) could resume play.    NO further notification, other than this letter to these two parties, will be sent by Administration. 

The Captain should notify all players on their roster IMMEDIATELY upon notification that one of their teammates  has been boxed.  The letter should state no games should be played with the boxed player as a penalty WILL be imposed on the Team.  (See Penalties Below) 

If the boxed player plays with his team before the box has ended, the following penalties will be imposed:  



Should boxed players PLAY during the period for which they were boxed, an additional seven (7) days from the date the box would have ended will be imposed.  If the boxed player plays during that time, the TEAM will be boxed for a period of two (2) days. 

If any team member from the team roster plays within the two-day period, an additional four (4) days from the date the original box would have ended will be imposed.  

No excuses such as “unread mail” from either the player or the Captain will be accepted.  Nor will we accept the excuse that the team was not informed as it is the Captain's Job to do so.


Using the word "cheating" and all it's variations in an accusing manner at a table or as a report comment, will be considered a forfeiture by the offender's team and the accuser will be boxed 5 days.  If an Administrator witnesses the offense, the forfeit may be called immediately.  If an Administrator does not witness the offense and the game is completed, suitable adjustments for the forfeit will be made when necessary.  Similar comments in the forum, lobby or in any other communication device that can be copied and shown as proof, will result in the same penalties imposed as set forth in the UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT/INSINUATION PENALTY.

Players who are PROVEN CHEATERS from other leagues will not be allowed to join CampFire.  Current CampFire members who are caught cheating in another league, and subsequently banned from that league as a PROVEN CHEATER may also be banned from CampFire for cheating provided that other leagues provide complete documentation of the proof used to prove the cheating, and that CampFire Administration finds that the proof meets our standards of proof.  CampFire will also provide other leagues with the proof we used to ban a member for cheating.  Other leagues will act on our proof as they see fit, which may or may not include banning that player from their league.

Other than those specific instances listed above, any other penalties will be determined by Administration and will be considered an exception, falling under the Exception Rule.  The infraction (s)  and penalty (s) of same will be determined by Administration.  (Example:  Avoiding, Captain Banning)


        *  Proven cheaters, as defined in the rules will be banned from the ladder.

       *  Individuals deemed by the Administrators as "troublemakers" will be boxed  or  banned from the ladder.


There are exceptions to EVERY rule.  Without exceptions there would be a need for MORE rules.

To minimize the need to make rule on top of rule, and to allow Administration to act effectively in the best interests of this ladder, it is at your CampFire Administrators' discretion to determine what should or should not be considered "an exception to the rules/penalty guidelines".

In other words, if it is not written here or in the penalty guidelines, it does NOT mean it is allowed.  It does NOT mean you won't be penalized/boxed/rung/banned just because it isn't written.

Something not being written does NOT mean it is allowed.


Warning - A written warning is issued and will go on a team or an individual's record. "Oral " warning are also given.

Runging - The team is moved at least 10 rungs lower in rank.  Rungings may also be as severe as being rung to the bottom of the ladder.

Boxing - When a team is placed into the penalty box, that team may not report losses or have games reported to them, for a period ranging from 3 to 30 days.  Individuals may be boxed as well.

Banning - Being banned from participation in this ladder.  Banning may only be executed through a consensus of Administrators (i.e. at least 5 of the 9 must agree).  Bans can only be appealed immediately, after that once every 3 months.  Email campfirespaders@comcast.net

Notification of Warning (s)/Runging (s)/Boxing (s)/Banning (s )can be found in the CampFire Outhouse and/or in the Daily News.

All penalties, aside from being banned, will be removed from an individual's record after 90 days of good conduct.  For a team, the time period is also 90 days.