I'm a Captain...
Now What??


So, you are the Captain of a team...CONGRATULATIONS!!

GOOD LUCK to you and your TEAM!

If you have not signed up your team yet, below are detailed instructions on how to do it.

Signing up a team means YOU are the Team's Captain.  The Captain - YOU - sets the tone for your entire team.  It is YOU who is in control of what is allowed - what is permissible and what isn't - on YOUR team.  YOU are on the front line.  YOU are the voice of YOUR team.

The most important duty of ALL Team Captains, is to keep this league, our home away from home, a Fun, Honest, and Family-Oriented place to play.  You do this through recruiting players with these qualities to fill your roster.

The Administrators have outlined what some of the responsibilities of being a Captain entail on the CampFire Rules page located under the "Rules" heading at the top of the left frame.  Please make sure you read them carefully and understand them thoroughly.  If you have any questions, the Administrators will be happy to help.


Signing up a Team

1)  First you must sign-up yourself as a member of the League.  Instructions on how to accomplish this can be found under "Start Up Instructions" located at the top of the left frame.  Follow ALL instructions there FIRST.  After you have completed the sign-up at Hardwood AND on the ladder, then proceed to step #2.

2)  In the left frame, you will see a heading called "SignUp Team".  Click on that link.

3)  A blue box will come up...Type in YOUR ladder name.

4)  Type in YOUR password.

5)  In the "Choose a Team Name" space, Type in your TEAM name EXACTLY as you want it.  Spaces are allowed.  The ladder is NOT case sensitive. 
KEEP IT CLEAN PLEASE - Note:  If a team name is found to be offensive, the administrators reserve the right to request that it be changed.

6)  Click on "Create Team".

7)  The next screen asks if you wish to receive Ladder Newsletters.  Uncheck the boxes if you do NOT wish to receive these.

8)  Click on "Complete sign-up".

Ok, you now are the Captain of your own Team with a team name uniquely yours!  CONGRATS!!!  WE ALL WELCOME YOUR NEW TEAM TO THE CAMPFIRE SPADERS TEAM LADDER!!

If you need assistance in recruiting players for your team, contact SweetThangFl and she will add your information on the page, "Teams with Openings".

As Captain, there are SEVERAL informative places on our site that you should be aware of and become familiar with.  Please take the time to click the different links in the left frame and stay up-to-date on the workings of our League.